Fully Managed Cloud Servers & Workstations

Our fully managed cloud servers and workstations eliminate costly investments by securing your data in the cloud without the need for costly server migrations and expensive hardware. Our enterprise cloud offerings make remote data access secure and easy and a cloud environment brings your important business data to you anytime, anyplace. Additional users or resources like memory, CPUs, or storage can be easily added to your company’s systems.

Do you want to seamlessly migrate your servers to the cloud? We’ll take care of it.  Need world-class collaboration tools? Our hosted servers ensure your employees have the tools they need with no geographical boundaries.  

The benefits of our fully managed, enterprise VPN & cloud servers include:

  • Security- our data centers use Enterprise level security hardware and software ensuring your data is safe and protected
  • Flexibility- servers or additional processing power, RAM or storage can be quickly and easily added to meet demand
  • Collaboration- Efficient collaboration between employees, regardless of where they are located
  • Updates- Automatic software updates take the headache out of patching systems
  • Cost- Minimal start-up costs since there is no expensive hardware to acquire or install

With Velocity Tech’s enterprise cloud servers, you’ll have:

  • Freedom to work securely from anywhere
  • Complete control of documents and data
  • Unlimited growth to help your business remain competitive
  • Environmental responsibility as studies show using the cloud results in up to 30 percent less energy consumption

Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Cloud Servers