Network Management from Velocity Tech & Meraki

Velocity Tech is your single source for your Internet and network connectivity and management.  We handle it all:

Internet:  Our partnership with with Spectrum, AT&T, Centurylink, and Verizon allows us to provide a copper, fiber, or wireless Internet connection to your business at the lowest rates available.  

Hardware:  Our managed routers, switches, and wireless access points from Meraki give us real-time insight into your network and Internet connections.

Management:  Velocity Tech’s network management ensures your network is secure and available.  We proactively monitor your network connections and quickly identify and remedy any issues.  

Benefits of our Managed Routers, Switches and Wifi:

  • Security:  Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall, advanced reporting and management, and user/mobile device management.  When combined with our Advanced Security Suite & MFA you can enjoy complete endpoint protection.
  • Usability:  Easy to use.  Our Managed network hardware is invisible to the end user but completely managed and secured.  No complex security protocols.   
  • Flexibility: Fully compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Andriod, & iOS.  Wireless meshing options make installation in difficult areas simple and worry-free.
  • Point to Point Wireless:  Long and short range wireless bridges to connect remote structures over challenging landscapes

Is managing your wired and wireless networks becoming more than you can handle? Do your employees need more “up time”? Contact Velocity Tech today!

Frequently asked questions about managed network equipment